We’re here to make sure your personality shines through in the work we do for you. That means we need to know you pretty well: maybe not as well as your best friend, but definitely better than your mechanic. So, we have to ask you a few questions. Okay, quite a few. But if you bear with us now, we’ll be able to take this project and run with it as if we’re a member of your team.

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Industry Background

How would you describe your industry to an outsider?

Organization Background

Are you selling a product, a service or a concept? Describe it for us.

What differentiates your product/service from the rest in the market?

What's your organization's reason for being (a.k.a. mission & vision)?

What are the 3-5 things your organization does best?

What are your organization's primary business goals and objectives?

Current Marketing

Do you have a website, what's the URL? If not, have you purchased a domain?

Where else can we find you online? Facebook? Twitter? Elsewhere?

Does your organization have a tagline? If so, what is it?

Do you have a specific message or impression you would like to leave with your audience?

Name your top 5 competitors and list their websites (if available). Describe how your organization is positioned amongst them.

Market Definition

Who is your target audience? What are they like? Describe the market size and customer attributes in as much detail as you can.

Is there a different audience you'd like to connect with? What can you tell us about that audience?

What three words describe your ideal customer/user?

Project Information

What is the budget for your project with us?

What three words should jump to mind when someone visits your site?

What goals would your target user want or need to accomplish right from the home page?

How do you plan to get people to visit your site? How does your online presence factor into your overall marketing plan?

Is there any functionality you have on your current webpage that is important to how you do business?

How about other sites? Anything really cool or helpful to your organization?

Do you have any vendor supplied photos or graphics you are authorized to use? Do you have any photos of you, your staff, products, services, etc.?

Please provide the following (if it exists):

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Logo in vector format (ex. EPS file)
  • Other digital artwork in vector format
  • Current marketing collateral (ex. Brochures, flyers, etc.)
  • Current website analytics and/or customer feedback
  • Current online ad campaigns
  • Existing market research

  • Attachments can be emailed to info@igraphiks.com.